Transparency Reporting

Section A - Annual Operating Budget and Subsequent Revisions
Section B - Expenditures
Section C - Agreements, Audits, Health
Collective Bargaining Agreements - Staff does not currently work under a Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Health Benefit Bid - Bids were not requested.
Benefits are provided at no cost to employees.
Detroit Innovation Academy had no reimbursable expenses for 2018-2019.
Section D - Salary & Benefits
Section E - Dues
Section F - Lobbying
District Paid Lobbying Costs: None
Section G - Deficit Elimination
Deficit Elimination: The district has not incurred a deficit and does not have long-term debt; therefore, the school has no deficit elimination plan.
Section H - District Credit Card
Section I - Out-of-State Travel
COVID-19 Preparedness & Workplace Safety Plans
Annual Expulsion & Incident Crime Report
Teacher Evaluation--Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching
Administrator Evaluation--The Multidimensional Leadership Performance System (Reeves Leadership Performance Rubric)
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