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The DIA Philosophy

Detroit Innovation Academy believes that education is an essential component of a happy and healthy life. Education is necessary to prepare scholars to meet the challenges of the present and equip them for future endeavors. Schools exist to serve the children in the community.  Although teaching knowledge is our foundation, we are strongly committed to teaching social standards as well. Our end goal is for our scholars to become individuals who have acquired the necessary skills and outlook to becoming productive, responsible citizens. 

Education must be an action-oriented experience in which scholars can fulfill their greatest potential. Therefore, teachers must introduce scholars to a variety of stimulating learning experiences that foster growth and development.  Learning experiences should be presented in a variety of ways including lessons that focus on the visual, auditory, and tactile modalities. The educator must be aware of each and every child’s unique learning style and provide instruction that connects with that learning style.  

The teaching and learning environment should encourage and stimulate learning. We believe in a classroom that is visually stimulating and includes opportunities for learning through other senses. One of the most important ingredients in an effective classroom is a dynamic teacher.  Our teachers are expert motivators, while still holding scholars to high expectations. 

Our school works for the benefit of our scholars.  However, we cannot do this important work alone, so it is expected that we work with our parents and community in a partnership built on acceptance, support and understanding in order to maximize each and every child’s potential. The role of the parent is to assist and reinforce the teacher’s effort in both the home and school.  The school has a crucial role to play in helping the individual learn to manage his or her environment. There must be unity between school, community and home in order for our scholars to be successful now and in the future.